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Hannah Sykes (HannDrawn) is a London-based former fashion designer turned artist, illustrator and calligrapher.

Having studied Fine Art and 3D design in her younger years, she developed her love for print, colour and multifunctional design whilst studying for her degree in Fashion Design at Manchester School of Art. Her final collection, inspired by WW1 camouflage, combined screen and digital print to create unique patterns for her clothing alongside an ink that changed colour in the rain. Hannah’s multifunctional pieces, such as the jacket that turned into a rucksack, won her the Boohoo Innovative award at London Graduate Fashion Week. ( http://www.hannahsykes.com )

Following her degree, Hannah spent years working in high-end women’s fashion including a role at AllSaints in the Women’s Leather Department. Between collaborating with the brand’s merchandising teams and travelling to India to secure the perfect raw materials, she worked her way up from Design Assistant to Women’s Leather Designer.

In 2019 Hannah decided to focus on her illustration career and HannDrawn was created. Hanndrawn is constantly trying to push the boundaries by combining calligraphy and illustration to create personalised artworks for every occasion. As well as creating custom card and print designs, HannDrawn offers popular services in Wedding & Events Stationery, combining illustrations and typography to create save the date cards and invitations, place names, seating plans and signage.

Hannah constantly tries to source sustainable materials in her commissions, using recycled card, recycled envelopes and card that can be reused or planted to create something else beautiful.

HannDrawn has also undertaken commercial work with a variety of brands and businesses. Using details from the brand’s identity and working to the brief, she illustrates signs and menus digitally and in person. Her commercial work includes the signage and menus for all 17 London stores of the restaurant chain Megan’s, as well as the UK travel destination Osea Island, for which she designed an interactive watercolour map to appeal to tourists across their social platforms and websites.

HannDrawn also designs and executes elaborate window illustrations to brighten up the British high street. In 2021 she worked on two of Superdrug’s biggest annual campaigns. For the first campaign, ‘Doing Good Feels Super’, she illustrated 10 windows across two leading stores in London. Later in the summer, she was asked to do a further London store and the Brighton store, creating colourful, positive illustrations celebrating Pride and using the opportunity to collaborate with Superdrug for Instagram takeovers and PR events. Superdrug invited her back in 2022 to do 3 more central stores and also their Headoffice.

Working closely with brands, HannDrawn creates unique pieces that showcase their campaigns and make customers and passersby stop and be inspired. Nothing is an ordinary, throw-away piece, and HannDrawn uses unique personalisation to make sure those moments treasured.

Get in touch with Hann if you want something extra special for your brand, a gift or a special event, or just to say Hey! Have a look at her favourite work and what she has to offer on the other pages.

If you would like to order or commission anything from HannDrawn, feel free to send her a email or a direct message on instagram. There you can discuss exactly what product you would like and when you would like it. HannDrawn will be able to let you know how much this will cost and how she can make this extra special for you.

Or drop Hanndrawn a message below and Hannah will get back to you.
Keep smiling & Stay positive

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