Greeting Cards •

HannDrawn makes an excuse to create a card for every occasion. Send in a photograph or two and she will hanndraw this so it is personalised for you. Don’t worry if you do not have the perfect picture, She can combine a couple of photos for you to create her drawing. 

HannDrawn’s card & envelopes are made from 100% recycled materials. 🌎🌿💚 ♻️ Every little bit helps & saves the trees🌲 Even her larger projects, she will try source sustainable materials. Making beautiful pieces to treasure out of thrown away paper.

HannDrawn posts over seas, if you can just cover the cost of the post. She has delivered Hanndrawn cards to lots of different countries all over the world!

Any bookings, questions or if you just fancy a chat drop me an email or DM on instagram. HannDrawn will be able to give you a cost for the cards they range from £20-30 for a5. She can provide simple text cards, illustrations with colour or black white and even raised up / 3D cards to give them extra WOWfactor.

Check out a selection of cards below. HannDrawn constantly uploads her drawings to instagram so don’t forget to get your daily Hanndrawn feed by giving her a follow.

3D with raised areas
Illustration with raised areas.
water colour a5 card

If you are looking for an illustration to be framed, HannDrawn can create these in a5, a4, a3 sizes and even bigger. Check out her other page for examples.

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