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Hanndrawn loves to collaborates with brands to come up with show stopping ideas that can help promote and enhance the brand. She has worked with brands to create colourful murals across windows or any surfaces you may require. This could be a temporary or permanent piece and Hannah can use materials to reflect this.

Send an email to Hannah if you wish for her to collaborate with your brand on any upcoming projects, campaigns or to celebrate any season approaching. She can send inspiration images beforehand and draw up a sketch on photoshop to help you visualise the final product. She can then provide a quote when she knows how long this will take her and what materials will be needed.

You may have seen HannDrawns biggest collaboration with Superdrug: working on their biggest campaigns in 2021 . For the first campaign, ‘Doing Good Feels Super’, she illustrated 10 windows across two leading stores in London. Then Later in the summer, she was asked to do a further London store and the Brighton store, creating colourful, positive illustrations celebrating Pride and using the opportunity to collaborate with Superdrug for Instagram takeovers and PR events.

Check out her Superdrug videos on her highlight on instagram below….

You may have also seen her handwriting across the well known London Restaurant chain- Megan’s. Her doodles are the branding that has 14 restaurants across all of London. She uses her writing and floral illustrations taking essence from the beautiful interior on the Chalkboard signs, Menus and promotional signs.

Check out her Megan’s videos on her highlight on instagram below.

Osea Island: the UK travel destination, commissioned Hanndrawn to create bespoke watercolour illustrations that were transformed into an interactive map to appeal to tourists across their social platforms and websites. This was apart of their rebranding of the company and included over 50+ hand painted water colour illustrations of the unique properties on the island which she transformed into digital images to be used on the interactive map.

Another branded commission you may have seen across your tables at your South London pubs is for Livelyhood Pubs. Hanndrawn creates all the chalkboard signs for all 7 pubs across all of South London and they thought it was only fitting to request her to create an illustrated map of where all the pubs & brewerys are located. Make sure you have a look on the back of all the printed drinks menus to see Hannah’s Doodles!

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